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Monitor Snow Machine

Monitor Snow Machine

$800.00 $2,000.00

Do you want to perform the famous Snow Storm in China, but can't afford the monopoly prices? This is your answer, designed and built by Richard Robert as an alternative to other high-priced snow animators on the market. 

Built with an entirely different technology than other snow animators, this unit is ultra-quiet. We have actually turned it on during PARLOR shows, while I was talking through a piece of magic, and not a single spectator could hear it! 

Using standard snow packets (like from SEO magic) this unit will launch the snow up to 2 stories in the air!

The unit is sturdy and provides lots of storage space within for keeping other props. I have actually carried an entire parlor show in the monitor!

Each unit is made-to-order and can be fitted with a Remote Control (my favorite) that works from over 30 feet away, or with a motion sensor.

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