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The M Ring

The M Ring


The M Ring is not just a ring... is art is a symbol of your devotion to the world of mystery is an attention-getter is a conversation-starter is the perfect blend of form and function.

Designed by Brian Foshee exclusively for the 5 founding members of the Penn State Performing Magicians; Ran Shine, Scott Sullivan, Francis Menotti, Brian Foshee, and Ben Salinas, the M Ring has stood as the symbol for innovation in magic for nearly 20 years.

But the M Ring is more than striking angles and elegant twists. The M Ring can perform magic that no other ring can.

Smooth vanishes, startling productions, and visual changes with virtually NO SLEIGHT OF HAND! Use it for coins, bills, cards, silks, billets, sponges. Just about anything you can hold in your hand.

And best of all, the M Ring is NOT A MAGNET. No shimming, no sticking to your keys, no danger to your credit cards or smart phones. The magic is in the exquisite proprietary design.

Included with the M Ring is a beautifully filmed DVD in which Ben Salinas unlocks 20 startling secrets of the M Ring. But these 20 effects are just the tip of the iceberg, the possibilities are truly endless.

The M Ring will get you noticed, then it will get you gasps.



Note: for exact sizing, download the M Ring size guide above.

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