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Encyclopedia of SpongeBall Magic DVD

Encyclopedia of SpongeBall Magic DVD


At over 2 1/2 hours long, this DVD is packed with everything you need to know to become a master at magic with sponge balls!

Master Magician Ben Salinas will take through every step of learning to amaze and astound with ordinary sponge balls. You’ll learn how to make sponge balls appear from your bare hands, vanish with a wave of the hand, multiply, and jump from hand to hand.

Then we’ll go even further and teach you how to make sponge balls vanish from your hand and reappear in a spectators’ hand! You can even make sponge balls vanish from their hand while they try to hold on as tightly as possible! Next we’ll go into some fantastic routines using sponge balls from some of the biggest names in magic! This is first time these moves have ever appeared on video. Before now you could only learn these moves if you were lucky enough to find an old copy of Frank Garcia’s long out of print book.

As a bonus, Ben Salinas has included a few of his personal favorite moves and routines using sponge balls.

Some Basics
The Jacket Lapel Move
Let’s Have Some Elbow Room
The Mayfair Mountebank ver. 1
The Mayfair Mountebank ver. 2
Under the Jacket Move

The ‘Garcia’ Master Move
The ‘Clipped’ Vanish
The ‘Exercise’ Vanish
The One, Two, Three Vanish
Now You See It, Now You Don’t
Two to Nothing
Quick Vanish
The ‘O.K.’ Vanish
The Roll Down Animated Vanish
The ‘Bold’ Vanish
The ‘Bluff’ Vanish
Another ‘Bluff’ Vanish
The Pretended Place Vanish
The ‘Toss’ Vanish
The ‘Squeeze’ Vanish
The ‘Pretended Take’ Vanish
Nip & Tuck No Skill Vanish
The ‘Hook’ Vanish
The ‘Impossible Challenge’ Vanish
The ‘Back Palm’ Vanish
The ‘Deliberate’ Vanish
Mike Tannen’s ‘Fork’ Move
Mike Tannen’s ‘In’ Move
The ‘Gaff’ Vanish
Up to My Neck in Sponges

The Magic ‘10’ Count
The Magic ‘10’ Count 4 Plus
Frank Garcia’s Magic ‘10’ Count
The Slow Motion Transposition
Derek Dingle’s Undercover Move
Spur of the Moment Routine
Short & Sweet
The Slick Routine
My Routine, by George
Simply Commercial
The ‘Drop’ Ploy
‘Hanky Panky’
Jimmy Reneaux’s Idea
Veil of Darkness
Veil of Darkness (Improved Version)
The ‘Sacrosanct’ Routine
Head to Head
Bob Elliot’s Razzle Dazzler
Father Cyprian’s Spongeball Routine
The Grand Finale
The Big Secret ‘Hidden Factor’
Bill Surprise

Bonus Material
Classic Palm
Roll Down Vanish
Pen Cap Production
Two Finger Vanish
Thumb Palm Vanish
Pinch Production
Thumb Palm Vanish (2nd Variation)
The Spring Production

Each technique is performed for a live studio audience and then taught in exacting detail. The teaching is done from multiple angles, with close-ups, and handling tips to help quickly master these incredible moves. It’s like having a personal magic session with a professional magician. Perfect for street magic, pub tricks, stage shows, speaking engagements, or just to impress the heck out of that somebody special!

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