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Money Tricks

Money Tricks


What really grabs people’s attention? MONEY! And if you can perform magic with borrowed money, then the all the attention will be on YOU!

On this DVD I will teach you some the most fantastic and amazing magic ever created with regular, ordinary money! No need to carry a deck of cards, or sponge balls with you. If you, or someone near you has a couple bills on them, you’re ready to amaze!

You’ll learn to tear a bill in two, then instantly restore it again! Make a dollar bill float in midair! Push a pen harmlessly through a bill! Or produce a large coin from a dollar bill while your hands are completely empty!

I highly recommended this DVD for anyone who is waiting table or bartending. Throughout college I made my living working behind the bar, and these tricks were the ones guaranteed to ‘get the money’! As a bartender, or waiter, if you perform a killer piece of magic with a borrowed bill, you can can almost guarantee the stunned audience will give you that bill as a tip!

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