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Stripper Deck

Stripper Deck


If you want gain a reputation as a Master Card Magician this is the DVD for you. Originally designed for card cheats (and still used today!), the Stripper Deck will make you look like a Card expert in no time.

Using a very simple principle, this deck will enable you to perform miracles, and your audience will credit you will super-human skill at the card table.And best of all, there is NO SKILL REQUIRED!

Produce the four Aces from anywhere in a spectator-shuffled deck! Instantly separate all the red cards from the black cards! Let a spectator choose a card, replace it in the deck- and with ONE brush of your hand, find that card! Show your incredible skill at dealing yourself the four Aces to anywhere in the deck you need them! Deal your self a perfect hand of cards, every time!

Each DVD comes with a Stripper Deck.

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