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The Reserve DVD with Foreign Exchange gimmick

The Reserve DVD with Foreign Exchange gimmick


What if you could take a $1 bill and magically change it into a $100 bill! You’d never leave the house! On this DVD I teach 15 of the coolest ways to magically transform $1 into $100. This is anywhere, anytime magic!

These effects are perfect for street magic, table-hopping, stage shows, and even TV appearances! The Reserve features 15 of my most requested magic effects: The Vlado Switch, My Favorite Switch, Thumbtip-less Switch, 3 Way Bill Switch, Foreign Exchange, Self-Contained Switch, Mismade Bill, Origami Bill, Show Me The Money, Osmosis, Rockstar, Impossibill, Your Name…Your Card, and The End.

Each DVD comes with a secret gimmick and 2 specially printed “Foreign Currency” stickers to perform the Foreign Exchange trick.

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