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Torn & Restored Newspaper DVD

Torn & Restored Newspaper DVD


The most famous trick in all of magic is the Torn & Restored Newspaper! The performer shows a newspaper on both sides and shows all the pages. Then he rips and tears the newspaper into small pieces. He wraps the pieces into a small bundle, and then with no tricky moves he flicks the newspaper open and it magically unfolds into one solid newpaper once again!

On this one-of-a-kind DVD, I will teach you 9 of the most stunning, easy-to-learn, versions of the Torn & Restored Newspaper!

Tony Slydini’s Version – Smooth & Magical!
Simplicity – So easy to do!
Tearless – Cuts right to the magic!
MC Gag Bit – Gauranteed laughs for the Emcee!
Commando – Anywhere! Anytime! Almost NO Setup!
Signed T&R Newspaper – They sign any page..and they get to keep the paper!
Instant Reset – Resets in just seconds!
My Favorite Version – A beautiful blend of the best of the best!
Gene Anderson Version – The Grandmaster of all Newspaper Tears!

If you’ve ever been interested in stage magic, you’re sure to find something on this dvd that will fit right into your act!

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