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True Love

True Love


Magic, romance, audience participation. This effect has it all! You take a couple back in time to recreate a childhood memory and prove their True Love for each other. 

The gentleman chooses and signs a card. He places his hand over the card. Next several cards are given to the lady to represent the petals of a flower. She is plays 'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not' with the cards until she is left with a single card; on "He Loves Me." The card is turned over, it has transformed into the gentleman's signed card! The card the gentleman is covering is now completely blank!

Included the new bonus handling where the gentleman's card completely vanishes from beneath his hands and appears in the lady's hands!

Originally published in Magic Magazine many years ago, Ben has carefully tweaked and perfected this effect. It is now a featured part of his lectures.

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